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Lemme Get That




Lemme Get That

I got a house but I need furniture

And why spend mine

When I can spend yours?

The truth is I would love you the same

But why complain he buyin’ Gucci baby

You might see me in the spot

Ya boy think I?m hot

So I came up in here

To get what you got

I’m hot like the block uh huh you like that

Know you wanna bite that Uh huh yea right there

They love the young girl they wanna give it to me

Wish I was in a flick and I ain?t talkin movies

If you young, if you hot girl

Shake what you got I keep them singin


Lemme get that

What you got up in them jeans

Put it on me

I’m gettin lonely

Lemme get that

Five car garages

Name on your bank account

All day massages

Lemme get that

I wanna put it on blast

Lemme get that

Slow down fo I make you crash

Got what you want baby got what you need

But we can’t proceed less you got that fo me

Ima put you on the spot

Keep flashin them knots

I bought me a Benz

You buy me that yacht

A girl need a lot

The girl need some stocks

Bonds is what I got repeat


Girl I want that booty booty booty booty

And boy need that Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci Gucci…